Energy Healing and Challenges

Each Challenge has a purpose.

At one point or another in our time on this planet we will eventually run into some kind of challenge, and when that happen either affront it heads on or we deflect it using some learned survival mechanism, However when we do that, pretty soon that challenge come backing to haunt us again and again, but each time stronger and stronger until we can no longer ignore it and resolve what need to be resolve. As a soul we come here on planet earth to have certain experience and when we are moving in a direction that is not congruent with our soul’s purpose then those challenges appear in our life to bring us back on track. That the purpose of a challenge and it can be physical, mental or spiritual, it is there for the growth of our consciousness. Example of lesson learn from challenges can be self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, self-confidence…etc.

Yet as human living in a dualistic world we sometimes fall in the trap of labeling a challenge as “bad”, and when we do that we keep getting more and more of it and at greater intensity until we learn the lesson. Once we become aware of this pattern we have made progress. A shift in perspective about a challenge will reduce resistance against it and prime us for learning.

 The mindset to deal with challenges

The most effective way to deal with any challenge is to step out of judgment. Once we remove that obstacle we have an open mind and we can ask question like: “how is this challenge going to help me grow?” or any other question similar to that. I know that is very hard when we are in pain. Our mind is there trying to be in control, that’s what the mind do, and when the body is not responding the mind will try to make sense of the situation. The only way the mind knows how is by comparison and we get snared into judgments. So to get out of judgment is a mind game a very difficult mind game.

Depending on the level of our conscious awareness we may be handle this dilemma. Most of us may have an intellectual understanding of what to do, but unless we are strong in spirit we will fall back, somehow, into judgment. We can try the conventional approach, drug to ease the pain, but what we are doing masking the symptoms., and it will either come back stronger or in a different form, is So what can we do? Are we doomed for a life of suffering because we are not a yogi or monk?

The super hero Energy Healing

The approach is to significantly reduce the intensity of the challenge, but only to the point that there is just enough pain to allow for learning. if there is very intense pain I will suggest a two prongs approach, otherwise go straight to a good Energy Healing practitioner. In the two prongs approach a physician and the practitioner will work in tandem.

Energy Healing have a tendency to significantly reduce the intensity of the challenges. During your session you may ask for healing of the challenge, however ask, also, for the wisdom required to understand and earn from the challenge. You will need to keep an open mind and you will understand as Source will always provide the answer.  It may come as a new realization, which you will integrate into your consciousness. After a couple of session you will notice that the challenge had reduced in intensity. Honor and acknowledge all emotions and feelings that come into your consciousness as you go along the Healing journey. They are important as this is how Source will communicate with you.  At this point be very careful not to judge any of those emotions and feeling. Your job is to honor and acknowledge them.

Another important step is to notice, this is for the mind sake, and observe how you are handling the challenge during your “Energy Treatment”. You will find yourself far more balanced and calmer even while going through the challenging situation. Your connection with source through Energy Healing will make you aware of what is going on, you may even find out about issues that were buried so deep that you had no idea was there. Not only do you become aware of them but you also get the solution.

So my advice is whether or not you are spiritually robust or not whenever you have a challenge seek appropriate help. The faster you get help, the faster you will move up in consciousness, meaning out of suffering. Talk to your physicians; let them know you will seek Energy healing also. A good Energy Healer will be able to advise you on the proper course while integrating his modality with the conventional treatment.

If you are reading this post, have challenges and do not know a good practitioner, fell free to contact us and well will be glad to talk to you to see if we are the correct fit for you.

Blessing to all, I am ONE.


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  1. Great post as usual Juan. I love this Juan; “At one point or another in our time on this planet we will eventually run into some kind of challenge, and when that happen either affront it heads on or we deflect it using some learned survival mechanism”
    When I read this I think of disease. When you are inflected with a disease there are a couple of things going on; spiritually and emotionally you signed the contract of the entity of the particular disease. Long before there was a disease there were symptoms of the disease. It start with emotional imbalance and then physical symptoms of dis-ease in the body. This is the challenge however, we are not trained to see the challenge for what it is to correct the past of our selves, soul or ancestors. Instead we are told that we have a life long incurable disease that must be treated with drugs which further repress the spirit. There is much judgement of self. You must seek help for all levels of consciousness and physical planes in order to reverse the symptoms of dis-ease and get to the core problem. And, as you said Juan “the faster you get help, the faster you will move up in consciousness, meaning out of suffering.” This is so very true in all of its essence. In Munay Juan

    • Thanks a lot Karen. Your comment in itself can be a post. I like the interaction here and even though we have different audience it looks like we are coming from the same perspective and philosophy. Glad you commented on the post. Munay-Ki to you.

  2. Kayleen

    You’ve really helped me understand the issues and challenges associated with healing. Thanks.

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