Life a Spiritual Experience

Spiritual Experience

Can We Teach an Experience?

No experience can be taught it needs to be experienced. Looking further in the word experience, we see that it is derived from the Latin word experiri meaning to ‘try’, so it is really something that requires understanding at a very personal level. So much so is the great human experience. My experience of life as a human being will never be the same as anyone else. Even though there will be similarities, circumstances, and events my experience will always be mine. I may be able to talk or write about it, or even teach my understanding of it like so many spiritual teachers and masters have done however it will never be yours.

We are Spirit have an experience


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Popularized by the late Wayne Dyer, the above quote expressed a lot on how we define and live our life. It brings about the understanding that life here does not define us. As Spiritual being, a spark of the source creator of all, we have agreed to come to this plane of existence, at this specific time, to experience the human reality in all its nuances flavors and even controversies. To effusively immerse in all the senses, emotions and other things that only human can relate to. To fully commit to our soul purpose, we have to experience life, we have to try it, get the feel of it and relate it to our personal level of understanding and feeling. It is something that we cannot delegate to others or other authorities to perform for us. Life as a human is a lesson for the soul. How we learn from life is by experiencing it.

We were taught wrong

The one thing I believe we miss in the teaching of the great master before us, is, not that they try to teach us how to experience life but to be and live life the way we are divinely inspired to. They were there to give us an example of what happen when we make certain choices; choices coherent, in harmony with divine cosmic laws. Their teachings were the personification of their: self, truth and conscious awareness. Whatever self may be for you and your level of awareness using their guidance will help you have a more meaningful life. Unfortunately we human had made religions out of their teaching. We are here to play our role in the present, and the role we play, depending on how well we play it, will shine the light for other to follow, not us, but the path that we are lighting up; a path to a higher expansion of the soul. As the soul expands the ego will evolve dissolving duality and judgment, then we will be able to see life in this dimension from a different perspective. There is no right or wrong, we are all correct in what we see and interpret as we are all looking at LIFE from a different vantage point.

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