Energy Healing and Time Warps

Is "time" a constant or can it be changed with Energy?

It is to my understanding humanity became more aware of the phenomenon of time and space continuum in 1915, when Albert Einstein published his theories of relativity and, of the Geodetic effect. Since then the subject has been at the forefront of many academic debates to be either endorsed or disavowed.  Einstein Geodetic effect was confirmed in 2005 when NASA satellite Gravity Probe B send data to validate it. The theory states that an object in the universe, such as a planet, will warp the fabric of space and time. When Einstein formulated his theory, he conceptualized it at the speed of light. However, in more recent experiments, it was shown that even at low speed but at varying altitude time is warped. The results were measured in Nano-Second and, do not have any substantial effect on our lives. Nevertheless, those experiments provided the empirical proof that time warp is possible.

"For now on according to physicists human are not bouncing in time yet."

In articles written by Professor S.W.Hawking, as well as in one of his lecture, he stated that based on current understanding and theories; rapid space-travel, or travel back in time, can't be ruled out.  Even though no one can formulate a practical way to time travel yet; it is currently under study.

While doing some research before this writing, I came across an article written by Dale Power. In the article, he explained how when doing teleportation experiments, from September to November 2004, he noticed some variation in the clock within his proximity and the other clocks in the building. He was able to refine his technique in such a way that he could change time when traveling. In the article, he also gives specific instruction on how to warp time.

gravity probe

Can a bust of Energy during meditation change the linear time of our reality?

So what does time travel and Einstein have to do with Energy healing? Nothing and everything. Let me explain. I had a "very special" experience a couple of days ago. I have given it a lot of thoughts as to whether or not to share it. After sharing my experience with another person and noticed his reaction, I decided to share it with the public.

Being an Energy healing practitioner, I often meditate.  Sometimes I meditate in a hot bath. A few days ago, out of my routine, I decided to take a bath in the morning. It was 10:30 by a couple of numeric digital clocks in the house. I ran my bath, got in and start relaxing. I was inspired to do a meditation. It was very profound. During the meditation, I felt lots of Energy flowing, and I even got, an inspiration for a new Energy Healing process.  When I came back to the present moment, the bath water was lukewarm. From that observation, I knew that I have been in the tub for a long time.  Imagine my surprise when getting into the bedroom, the clock was showing 10:40.  I quickly checked the time on the other clocks, around the house, they were all showing 10:40.   I definitively could not have been in the bath for only 10 minutes base on the water temperature. I would have had to be in a subzero environment to experience such rapid drop in the water temperature.

My mind was racing, trying to find all sort of possible answer to rationalize this experience to no avail. There was only one possible explanation, I concluded, I was able to, unconsciously, warp time during my meditation. The universe has given me a glyph of my infinite potential.
Would I be able to experience this again?
I do not know.
What I do know is, IT IS POSSIBLE!

Had you, the reader, ever experience something similar? Please comment below or on my Facebook Page. I would like to know if others have had similar experience and have not come forward in fear of being judged.

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