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  1. I have fired many clients in my day. Here is just one example; I had a client who contacted me with a perforated bowel that had been repaired however, they wanted to go in and potentially repair more. They had taken 3 CT scans and said the inflammation of the bowel was not coming down and they wanted to do surgery now incase they could not get there instruments in there to drain the fluid. I explained to them the inflammatory and histamine response. I had 3 days to work with them before the next CT scan. He did exactly what I told him to do. When I we had the follow up CT scan in three days the inflammation and the fluid had dramatically reduced enough so, that they are now waiting another month. This client went from emergency surgery to “wait and see.” Perfect! However, now that there is no pain and he is feeling better he is asking to change his diet and has allowed sugar back in. He is asking for my permission if it is OK. I basically told him that he came to me with the concern of not wanting surgery and I was given three days to do so-and, we did it! Now that he was feeling better it is some how OK to go back to the way he was eating before. It was his diet that got him in to this mess in the first place to which, I question; why would you go back? He still needs to go back in a month’s time for another CT scan to determine how well the bowel has healed. He could not give himself a month? I have fired this client explaining I how I can help but it is up to him to follow the protocol. The question I left him with is this; are you not worth a month of a diet that will nourish your body and repair the damage and avoid surgery so that, you can spend the rest of your life with your bowel intact? I did not give permission that it was OK tp change the diet!

  2. Yes, they can drive us bananas! I have one that just comes in, she is fine. Does not really need anything, try some of what recommend and does not do some of it. I feel that she is not going to referral people or share her success because she is not having much. I feel like I need to defend myself ” She did not do what she was supposed to, it is not my fault’ But instead , I think I will push her or suggest to go our separate ways.

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