A slap on the cheek

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My slap on the cheek

It so humbling, when we are open and paying attention to the daily happening of our life, to see how the universe is constantly and gently showing us the lesson needed to be learned. Lessons needed to move to the next level of consciousness, to find the true meaning of life on this plane. To benefit from those nudges, we need to understand we are co-creators of those instances. We attract what we are ready to release granted, with a bit of a stench. A gentle stretch is required otherwise; we will not expand and leave our comfort zone, like the athlete who pushes himself to improve his performance. I became aware of such opportunity for spiritual growth in a situation I encountered recently.

A short while ago, I started working at a restaurant in my neighborhood. I believe this opportunity came about to give me more interaction with a larger variety of people, not just those with whom I work with.  On one exceptionally busy evening with a long waiting line, an incident happened.I could not honor a service we provide to a guest, As a regular customer, he knew the requirement. Consequently, he felt inconvenienced and got upset at me. I, normally, do not take such thing personally, However, this time I got hot in the face. Promptly noticing my reaction, I stepped back, maintain my composure and proceeded in giving him an alternative to which he complied. He was still agitated even after receiving the requested service.  Before disengaging, I thanked and blessed him which he totally ignored.

This incident had a more profound impact on me than I realized.  I was still trying to make sense out of this benign incident on the following morning.  I decided to meditate on it and, that's when I got this insight.

“If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

Those words from the teaching of one of the great masters, “Yeshua Ben Yosef” better known as Jesus, came to me. Probing deeper I came to understand the following. The interpretation of this Christian Teaching is to not retaliate to oppression. However, my discernment was, the slap on the cheek is a metaphor for the perception of being wronged or offended, and, to turn the other cheek means that we not only refrain from retaliating but we love the offender.

Why do we need to love the offender?

Because he is just a messenger. He is someone that we have attracted in our reality to help us move beyond a block that is preventing us from expanding to a higher consciousness.  

To be able to "Step Up" we need to leave behind old paradigms, beliefs and, the whole stack of old baggage we carry at a conscious or subconscious level.  Especially the subconscious ones.Repressed emotions and trauma need to be brought up for release. In other words, we need to be thankful to those that trigger us. We are not to give away our sovereignty; we are not going to accept abuse.We will set our boundaries and, on the other hand, the messengers are not to suffer retribution either. They have accepted to play an important role in our lives so we can progress on our spiritual path.

In practicality what do we do?

Acknowledge the trigger, thanked the messenger and, send them love as love is the most powerful tool we have to transmute any energy. Once a trigger is made conscious it is on its way to being released. Send a prayer of gratitude and, be in the present, mindful of the changes that are happening in our life. There is no need to dwell in the low vibration searching for the what or how we got that trigger.

It came up let’s released it with ease and grace.

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