What is Reiki?


True Reiki

In most literature and as well as information found on the internet classify Reiki as a healing modality however from my perspective Reiki is more than that. It is also a spiritual practice that promotes self-awareness and elevation of consciousness. Reiki is a modality that causes true healing as it works at the deepest level of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Reiki is the emanation of the purest form of Source Energy at our dimension and reality.

The misnomer

Part of the jargon is to say “doing Reiki” than in itself is a misnomer as in the true essence of Reiki nothing is done. A true practitioner of Reiki do not will, control or influence Reiki, as it is intelligent, it will do what is required for the highest good of the person receiving it. A practitioner of a true form of Reiki will trust that Source creator of all will knows better than our egoistic self. Intension is set by the receiver as this make them more open to received, and most of the time the outcome is what was expected and more. However sometimes nothing seems to happen at a physical level, but the life force energy is working at a more subtle and deeper level where things need to be addressed fist before materializing into the physical reality. That is why we do not diagnose conditions and we do not resolve or eliminate symptoms. We do not wish or try to control an outcome, but leave ourselves open to the infinite possibilities that only true source can deliver. Therefore we really cannot use Reiki to find a new well paid job, on the other had it can raise our vibration so that we are in resonance with that job so we can attack it if that is in our best interest at that time.

Looking at what is advertised under Reiki it looks like there is a specific Reiki system for anything under the sun, let me tell you, these are not Reiki. There is not a specific Reiki energy to attract a soul mate, love, money or anything else in that matter. If a practitioner can promise a specific outcome, then that person is not practicing Reiki since there is only, one true Reiki energy and it cannot be manipulated. Be warned when someone promises specific result with Reiki, they are either lying or practicing so other modality under the guise of Reiki.

When Usui Sensei became aware of Reiki, he formulated a simple system to teach other how to connect to that energy and because it is of divine source he did not impose on rigid structure. As such other who wanted to teach that modality started to add symbols, I believe at the beginning it was for differentiation only then as time goes by the ego started to get involved and more symbols were added this time for specific outcome.  So now, there are systems out there with dozen of symbols and hybrid with other modalities; that make it so confusing to both students and clients who need to make a choice. It also leaves the field open to charlatans and unscrupulous people to take advantage of the not well informed public. It is true a system needs to evolve as mass consciousness elevates itself, but the question is: Can we elevate the energy of creation? NO!

Back to basic

To make thing worse there are now people who claim they can perform psychic attack to others using Reiki. That in itself is outrageous, as Reiki is an energy that will do no harm. So how to discern true from pseudo-Reiki? Once again true Reiki is from pure source and we cannot control it so anything else is not it. So let’s go back to the philosophy of the founder, be aligned and surrendered ourselves to the infinite, omnipotent Source, stay connected and develop an awareness of our true identity as extensions of infinite, omnipotent Source, and let the Source come through us. Let us not fall for fear, manipulation and personal power.

True Reiki is simple, do not do harm and support the whole person.

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  1. Wow Juan I had no idea there were psychic attack on others using Reiki. That does seem outrageous. I could not imagine it lasting to long when you look at energy. The person who is trying to admit negative energy to others will only have that same negative energy come back two-fold. It is the law of attraction and karma. And, I also believe that the person on the receiving end of the negative energy can easily block it. That is the power of positive energy. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    • Thank you Karen for the comment. Just to be clear, those people doing psychic attack are not using Reiki, nut a modality the have mane “**** Reiki” a pseudo-Reiki. True Reiki will not do harm. If they were using true Reiki we will have a better world as Reiki energy is in essence love. I do agree with you that they are in a sense hurting themselves. As long as we do not buy into the fear we are fine.

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