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“If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill let yourself fall ill.”  ― Jalaluddin Rumi

As years go by, certain things however do not change. I am talking about those who are so close minded or focus on their beliefs that even if the truth were to hit them over the head like a ton of bricks; they will still be able to rationalize what happened as a freak accident. I am referencing those who do not recognize that Reiki has the power to heal, and are still undermining it and other energy healing as quackery, old wife tales, hocus pocus, or plain “woo-woo”. By scouting the internet one will come across many articles and sites that negatively talks about reiki. They are from both the religious and scientific side of the spectrum. For instant at, a Christian faith website, there is an article that describes this healing modality as “A Dangerous and Occultic Practice”. On the scientific side there is no consensus there. Scientists cite the results as either anecdotal, placebos effect or not enough empirical data to determine the healing benefit of this art.

On the other hand on the site of the University of Minnesota in an article title “What Does the Research Say about Reiki?” expert Contributor, Pamela Miles came to this conclusion:

What is the status of the research?

While the debate on how best to study integrative therapies such as Reiki is main steam, research attempts have been and continue to be made. Nonetheless, research into Reiki is just beginning. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has completed five studies looking at Reiki's ability to benefit people with diabetes, advanced AIDS, prostate cancer, fibromyalgia, and stress. Other published studies have looked at the effect of Reiki on measures of stress hormones, blood pressure, heart rate, and immune responsivity, and on subjective reports of anxiety, pain and depression. The studies to date are typically small, and not every study is well designed. However, overlapping data from some of the stronger studies support the ability of Reiki to reduce anxiety and pain, and suggest its usefulness to induce relaxation, improve fatigue and depressive symptoms, and strengthen overall wellbeing. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews contains a review on the use of touch therapies (including Reiki) for pain and a protocol for use of Reiki for psychological symptoms.

Reiki has been increasingly offered as part of workplace wellness programs to address burnout and improve skills in healthcare and other industries, as well as in university wellness centers.

Article like these are excellent however what really will make a difference is the real life example of what result people are experiencing and practical application of Reiki in their healing journey. A couple of days ago I visited my Sensei’s face book private group and found the perfect example. Blaire Briody a freelance Journalist wrote an article in entitle

This Holistic Healing Practice Works Like A Painkiller. Here's Why People Are Paying $3,000 For It

 Exert below:

When Lynn Ballas was wheeled into Columbia University Medical Center's operating room in late 2012 to undergo double mastectomy surgery and remove the cancerous cells in her breasts, the usual suspects bustled around her: a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and a team of nurses. But there was an additional key member of her surgical team: a Reiki master.

Ballas hired Reiki practitioner Raven Keyes to be in the room with her that day, channeling loving energy as the surgery team cut Ballas open and sewed her back up. She had received Reiki a few times before and always enjoyed it but had never considered having energy work in a medical setting. It wasn't until she noticed Keyes' book The Healing Power of Reiki sitting in a pile of books and papers in her doctor's office that the topic came up. Her physician, Sheldon Marc Feldman, M.D., offered Reiki as an add-on option to her surgery. "I've never been a high-energy person," Ballas says. "I get drained very easily, and I thought I would need an extra boost."

To me this is the kind of article that make a difference as it shows real application of Reiki and its beneficial healing power in real life situation.

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