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In Newsweek special edition of February 2016 entitle Spiritual Living, The Secret to Peace and Happiness, there was an article entitle The Healing Power of Reiki was written by Trevor Courneen. In that article the author explore the power of Reiki and use the testimonial from the International Center for Reiki Healing website as anecdotal proof of the healing power of this art.

Reiki master William Lee Rand humbly explains, “You don’t study to learn how to use Reiki—it’s a gift.”

The article highlights the journey of this great master and how during his two decade of practicing Reiki he has established the International Center for Reiki Healing as a recognized organization for practitioners in the United States.

The publication of this article in such a prestigious main stream publication is bringing more awareness to Reiki and other Energy Healing modalities.

The future of Energy Healing looks bright

I hope to see more of these headline about Energy Healing more often in the near future. This will create greater awareness to Reiki and other Energy healing modalities to the general public. Such news will Let them know of alternatives that either by themselves or in conjunction with conventional treatments will help them regain their health faster.


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