Reiki Healing Demystified

An Introduction for Reiki Students

"The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit."
-Angeles Arrien

As one contemplates mastering the healing art of Reiki, the journey may seem overwhelming as it has been said that mastery is a lifelong journey. It has also been said that every journey starts with the first step, know that the reward is great, similar to any discipline; there is much to learn, mastery comes with dedication. A true practitioner is the one that is constantly learning. This was also the philosophy of Usui Sensei who explained that learning is one of the key components of mastering this method of natural healing. For a profound understanding it is imperative to acknowledge that universal energy, “Ki” has and will always be there, however modern man had forgotten or have very little understanding of how it works. Ki is in constant ebb and floe in and around us, to simplify we can generalize and say that since energy vibrates it is can resonate at a high and low frequency. Usually low vibration cause imbalance and higher vibration will entrain the lower one to a higher level. A practitioner will channel the Ki at a higher frequency and using his intention or hands direct it to the recipient so as to release blockage in the flow and restore balance. This is the premise of energy healing.

The Chakras System

One more concept to understand is that of the Chakras system. The Chakras system originates from Vedic science and has been widely adopted into the oriental medicinal system. Basically they are concentrated points or silos of energy points in around the body, there are seven major hubs in the body starting with the first one at the base of the spine to  the seventh one at the crown. Each one vibrates at its own frequency and radiates a specific wavelength. Each also governs certain area of the body as well a certain emotional and physiological aspect. Any disturbance in any one of the Chakras will cause some sort ailment and depending on the denseness of the blockage the illness will be mild or severe.  Locating the Chakras and using the hand to redirect the Ki is how a Reiki Practitioners release blockage and reenergize that area to promote a free flow of the life force.
One distinction need to be made as the use on Chakras in Reiki healing. In the Japanese school of thought emphasis are made on the fifth, sixth and seventh Chakras, where as in the western school there is more a localization of the root cause and energy is predominantly given to that area then move to other area.  Irrespective of the method use to administer Reiki the result are the same, reestablishing balance and promote healing..
By now you may know that there is no equipment requirement for Reiki, though some use accessories, they are just tool. What is required for Reiki is a flat sturdy surface, like a Reiki table, even that is not required as Usui Sensei use a tatami matt and a calm environment. The main tool is one’s hand and that is something always available anywhere, any time.
There are some misconceptions on what can and cannot be treated with this healing modality. There are people who are recommending not treating certain condition, like burn, however this is far from the truth. Any disorder be it physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual can find relief with Reiki.
As you can see there is nothing mythical about this wonderful healing modality that has found it way from the land of the rising sun to us. I sincerely hope that now you would give Reiki a try and experience the sweetness of this healing energy that we interact with everyday without knowing.

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