Reiki For Chakras Balancing

Reiki For Chakras Balancing

The last few decade of our era have brought a gigantic leap in technological advancement. In just a few decades we have made advancement that comparatively would have taken centuries to achieve.  As much as we benefit from these advancements in all aspect of our modern life, these same advancements are wreaking havoc in our life causing all sort of new pathology and physiological disorders. These dissonance occurrences are mainly due to our body not evolving and adapting at the same rate as our technological evolution. As creative beings we have an inner ability to find solution to any problem and indeed we have found ways to over the overwhelms of our modern existing. While some are frantically find new drugs to fight the symptoms of our illness, others are turning to a more holistic approach and digging into the eastern philosophy of healing to support a healthy lifestyle in our modern age. Eastern healing is based on the understanding that the human body, actually all leaving bodies, encompasses more than what catch the eyes; it also have what is known as the subtle or energetic body. According to eastern tradition, and hacked by modern science, flowing through our body are hundreds of little highways of energy known as meridians. Those meridians will meet or originate from hubs knowns as Chakras.  Sickness or ailment occurs when there is an imbalance in the flow of energy, subsequently by restoring energetic balance health and vitality are regains. Our body has seven main chakras, each governing or influencing certain part or function of our body. They are also interdependent, that is if one is over or under active, it will directly or subtlety influence the state of the others.   In the understanding of this system, we can conclude that to return the body to its homeostasis state all we have to do is to have all the chakras balance. There are many ways to balance the chakras; some are simple and other require practice and perseverance. For instance Yoga or Chakras Meditation will bring harmony in the chakras, but what if Yoga don not appeal to you and you just cannot meditate.  These techniques will also take time to master. Is there a faster way you say? Fortunately for us Reiki is known as a very effectively approach to balance your chakras. Furthermore Reiki has the advantage of allowing the body to regain harmony in a passive way.  The hardest work on your part is to make the appointment with the practitioner. During a Reiki Session the energy flow is evaluated and blockages are released with ease and grace.  Since Reiki use the life force energy it is safe and has no harmful side effect. You may even get the added bonus of find improvement in other aspect of your life completely unrelated to your initial affliction. So if you feel out of balance, edgy and all stressed out, your body is telling you something. What better way to let yourself be cocooned by your life force energy. Reclaim your harmony give a certified Reiki practitioner a call.

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    A global reiki healing event is going to happen on 24th of May ,15 . All reiki practitioners are invited to join this auspicious event to heal spiritual and physical problems . Thank you .

    • A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this aretilc.

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    That addressed several of my concerns actually.

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