Learning Reiki

“If I want to share Reiki (spiritual energy) with someone, then I would have to first re-discover spiritual energy within myself.” - Frans Stiene


Reiki healing is based on the idea that when somebody has spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical issues the life energy flow within them has been blocked somewhere, and reestablished the proper flow, the entire body requires to be healed, instead of some particular parts or symptoms.

Working as a Reiki healer, you would use your proficiency to direct healing energy to assist your clients to calm down, ease complexities like constant sickness, strain, anxiety and nervousness. This modality is being increasingly used for rehabilitation program especially in Europe.

A typical session would run for 45 minutes to one hour, during which you would:

  • Evaluate the client medical history and complaints
  • Ensure the client is as at ease and relaxed
  • Clarify the procedure
  • Lay your hands different area of the body with the intention to covering up the entire body.

As a Reiki practitioner, you would not analyze client’s circumstances or counsel them on symptoms or therapy as you are not license to do that. Yet, Reiki can be of benefit when working in conjunction with traditional medication and other corresponding therapy.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

To be able to practice you are required to be at a master level in any Reiki school. It is also beneficial that you are a member of a recognized peer association.  There are several depending on where you are un the world. The advantage of such association is that it comes with certain benefits and readily available support from other experts in your field.

As for your education you can be mentored by a master teacher or in some are by taking college courses. The training you will receive will vary a little depending on the Reiki School you enrolled in. During your training you will receive attunements that will unlock your ability to transmit energy. You will be meeting with your mentor to practice and learn the trick of the trade. You will also learn the do don’t and the opportunity to ask questions. Soon you will develop your intuition and know exactly what to do during a session and how to adjust depending on the client’s needs.

You will be trained through three levels:

  • Level one, attune for self-treatment
  • Level two attune to work on clients
  • Level  three you are attune as a master. Depending on your school you may have to go through another level to be able to teach Reiki.

In most instant it takes about three years of education and training to attain the level of Master Teacher.

Since you will be dealing all aspect of an individual, You may find it advantageous to expand your  education in physiology and anatomy.

Working Conditions:

As a Reiki healer you will have two options either working for an organization like a healing center as an employee or a self-employed freelancer. As such you may have more flexibility in your schedule however you will have to do your own promotion and marketing to get clients.


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