Meditation – Do You do IT?

Is Meditation an integral part of your life?

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The practice of meditation is getting more and more popular, I have in previous post given example of some meditation practices. However for today I would like you to contemplate on this practice.

How do you do it?

What kind of meditation do you do?

How often and at what time of the day do you meditate?

What are your experiences?

How do you feel after a meditation?

Please share…


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  1. I have been told that my intention setting in the morning is not meditation. I wish it was meditation because within about 15 minutes not only have I set today’s intention but worked on my goals I wish to bring into the physical. Once I have done this I literally feel as if it has already happened and I start my day with excitement. Sometimes if I have a dilemma I need clarity or an answer to I usually will at least have clarity after my 15 minutes. If it is not then the answer comes later in the day. I like to think of this as meditation but I will leave that up to the experts.

    • Karen my philosophy is do what always feel best for you. You are the only one that knows what best suit you. As for Meditation there are all king of meditation, from walking to guided. If what you practice does not fit in may one out there just name it and promote it.

  2. I love the last question and it’s always what keeps me meditating. I feel amazing afterward, everything settles down for me and I feel a sense of peace.

    –Kim Ravida

    • Thank you for sharing. A lot of people do meditate for the feeling of oneness and peace.

  3. Thought provoking questions! meditation is so important for the brain and body, Thank you for posting Juan.

    • Meditation is the preferred tool for merging mind and body.

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