Meditation 3 reasons to start

For thousands of years as far as written records can attest to, human has been practicing some sort of meditation. In the east it was a common practice though the gurus took it to its highest mastery, however in western culture it was only known by mystics. In our current era it is widely known but not as widely practice.
What is meditation?
meditationMeditation is a practice that calms the mind and brings the practitioner to a state of peacefulness. It silences the chatter that we have all experience and can induce more focus by shutting off the distractions in the surrounding. Moreover it changes the frequency of the brain butting it in a more alert mode. Someone who meditates tends to be more self-aware and have a better understanding of his environment. if this is not enough to entice you to start practicing meditation here are three more reason to start.
1. Decrease stress
Our modern lifestyle is synonymous to stress, so avoiding stress is not practical unless we give up modern living and retreat to the Amazon forest or the Himalayas. Stress affects your mood, emotion as well as your health (It is widely believe that the majority of disease stems from stress), and the consequences can be permanent. Practicing meditation will reduce your risk of getting sick, keep you relax and calm
2. Inner peace
Do your life putting you in such states that you feel you cannot calm down no matter what. Your whole body has the gitter as if you have consumed a gallon of coffee. Just being alive impose some responsibility on us such as school, work, family, friends and social expectation; that by itself is enough stress to a great majority of us. Adding a couple of unexpected circumstances, soon we feel like that our life is out of control. If this scenario sounds like your life then you need to take steps to destress. One powerful way is meditation, once you start meditate, you will start clearing your mind and soon your will be able to think more clearly. Stuffs will not bother you anymore, you will be able to think clearly and you will soon feel like you are the calm center of the storm. That my friend is inner peace.
3. Focus
Without inner peace your mind is constantly wondering, and you can barely hold a thought as a result your concentration is not optimal. So you hop from one project to another thinking you are multitasking but you really feel lost, not being able to accomplishing anything. Nevertheless if you can incorporate a few minutes of meditation in your day, soon you will achieve inner peace and conversely greater focus. As a result you will be able to biggest project with a laser like focus.
So here it is, three great reasons to start a meditation practice. There are a lot of resources available that can help you become good at meditation, but that’s for another day.

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  1. Everyone should meditate! I love teaching my clients hoe easy it can be! Thank you

    • Healing Hands

      You are welcome

  2. Great post on the why we need to meditate. I do hope you post on how we can meditate. I would have to say this is one area that I am not good at. I have gotten better. Now I am able to listen to my breath and take deep breaths when I feel anxiety or stress. Just doing this has helped me to become more conscious and clearer and improved my digestion too! Thanks so much!

    • Healing Hands

      You have just planted some seeds in my mind. We’ll see where it tales me

  3. I meditate by praying. It calms me and brings inner peace. It’s a great way to start and end my day.

    • Healing Hands

      Excellent, Very true praying is a form of meditation.

  4. i have an app on my iPad to help me meditate called Simply Being which I really like and I am sure there are others that can help you form a habit. A daily practice can do wonders for your whole being.

    • Healing Hands

      There are lots of app that you can use to help with your meditation, however I am from old school or may be I like the hard way who knows

      • Kamren

        I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

  5. Meditation has been amazing for me. In the morning before I even get up, mid day when chaos erupts and at night to clam! Thank you for posting !

    • Healing Hands

      Excellent routine. I wish I was that dedicated

  6. I love this! As soon as I read the word meditation I was drawn in! Some simple tips on how would be great!

  7. I have been trying to meditate on a regular basis to reduce stress. It is great to do in the morning to get your day started.

  8. I need this time so badly. If I could only shut my brain off. When I try to calm myself , it only goes into overdrive! Any tips would be appreciated!

    • Healing Hands

      Start by getting in a relax position, take a few deep, slow belly breath and put your attention on your body. feel your breathes, the air going in and out, your chest rising etc. Like everything else it takes practice.

  9. Meditating sometimes seem to be the hardest thing to do. I feel as if I have to sit an hour before my mind calms down. At other times, it seems easier.

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