A Breathing Meditation


A wise man once said “if we are alive we cannot escape pain, however suffering is optional.”

Suffering is a belief, the belief of separation, thinks that we are separate. Separate from one another , separate from the creator and sometime separate from ourselves.  In reality we are all one. we have all heard of the analogy of the drop of water and the ocean. like that drop of water we the  essence of creation.  Creation and I is one.

Living in a world of polarity and duality it is easy to think of separation as being real. As you are reading this post you are in front of your computer or other device and I am where ever I am at that time so we have to be separate. The reality is just an illusion and that illusion causes suffering because deep within we know the truth.

Accordingly any other belief we have will make another thought come up that is going to validate that belief. As a belief is reinforced it energetically attached itself in some part of our energetic field causing imbalance, attracting more of what we do not want, (in the quantum, like attacks like) causing the chakras to become imbalance and soon thing are spiraling out of control. A simple remedy is to go inward connect to the light we already are and that we are awareness.

this intellectual concept of being one will always be resisted by the ego as it perceive this notion  as losing its identity, however if we can experience it then the mind will easily accept it. so let’s dive in …

In the beginning it is essential that you sit comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. as you progress  you’ll be able to do this exercise almost anywhere. so for now let’s remove all distraction. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Now scan your body to see if there is any discomfort, you should be totally comfortable. Start feeling the chair or where ever you are supporting you. feel yourself merging with that chair.

Now gently bring your attention to your breath, do not ty to change it in any way. Just breath. As you become aware of your breath, you may notice that your breathing changes by itself, perhaps getting deeper and slower. It is all find some may even notice their breath speed up at first and seem erratic.  The key her is not to control or try to adjust your breath. Just let it be as it is.  Give your body full permission to breathe as it wants to, you body is in control you are just the observer.. Your only job here is to watch your breathing. Be aware of yourself breathing in, breathing out. Be with yourself.

At the beginning  you may notice that your thoughts wander off, just bring your attention back to your breathing, do not judge yourself, be gentle. Notice how it feels to have air coming into your lungs, and how relaxing it is to let it out. Don’t try to pull the air in or to push it out. Let your body breathe all by itself, in its own way, at its own pace.

When we breath we breath we take in the life fore that is gracefully given to us without any condition. Our breath is the acceptance of unconditional love from the Devine. With our breath we connect with Spirit. with our breath we are one with the all creation. As we breath become grateful for all that is. then know that Gratitude is the precursor of healing.

Do not worry if your mind wonder, it will, so just bring your awareness back. This is one that that you will get on your first try, which is why, may be meditation is not that popular in our time of instant gratification. However if you are diligent the more you practice the more deeply you will be able to go into stillness and your mind will settle down. You will begin to know your true self, the infinite being you are.

I see you and I am ONE.

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  1. Thanks Juan,
    Great succinct instructions for beginning the practice of mediatation.

  2. Great post Juan, and such an easy beginning in understanding how to meditate. I learned a long time ago in Ayurvedic classes that we are one we just allow materials to get in the way. That we are all connected we have chosen to instead spend our physical lives trying to get reconnected.

  3. I think I could easily do this at work. Great reminder for me. Thanks!

    • My Pleasure, Go for it every journey start with the first step.

  4. Juan, I love that quote you said. I learned it long ago and share it with my coaching clients. They love it. I gives us such power and choice. Great post – very articulate and to the point. Those who think they can’t certainly will benefit from your guidance.

    –Kim Ravida

    • Thanks for the comment

      • Andi

        Good job mankig it appear easy.

  5. So beautifully done!! I will definitely add this to my daily routine. My new morning/evening ritual. Thank you!!

    • Let me know if you run into any hurdle and by the end of the month how you are doind

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