The power of love


I got an email today that start with

It has been scientifically proven that what we hold in our heart radiates out to the whole world and beyond.
Scientifically proven! I LOVE that!
I know how much it means to each of you to contribute and make a difference in your life. That's a powerful state to hold in your heart.

That got me thinking and boy that would be fantastic to hold the vibration of love in one’s heart all day long regardless of the situation. then the mind started to kick in , How can we hold the vibration of love when we cannot even hold one thought for long with all the distraction around us.

I know that deep within we all can connect to the real true love, and at time we, I included, cannot even feel a once of love. I have been rummaging this idea whole day. What solution can we bring to this dilemma? Well at least one thing the mind excelled at is finding a solution at least mind does. How can we conjure love?

Then inspiration stuck, I remember that there is an exercise I sometimes use with clients during a process I use to release stuck emotion. what If I use the same process with a twist. That was It, a way to get the vibration of love on demand.

here what I came up with. If you could indulge me and do it along, maybe we can break some new ground here… so here we go.

Think of something that really bring back the memory of love, maybe the first sight of your newly born, your first kiss, your dog, cat anything that make your heart sing. Now bring the memory to mind, totally focus on that memory now start opening up to the feeling that arise, breath and expand that feeling let it completely permeate you, now breath that sensation in all you’re the fibers of your body. That it … LOVE.

Now if you could hold that feeling and bring it back as often you will be vibration to the frequency of love. Hopefully after practicing this exercise as often as possible we may be able to hold love vibration as second nature.

Now I do not know if this will work or not but what if…what if?

Then we could

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  1. What a great post. We are on this planet for two things; to give love and to receive it. When I am in a place of gratitude and happiness it is easy to spread love. And, I do try to spend most of my time in this place and I find that I easily attract others like this. There are times however, when I forget this and it is as if the surroundings I am in become dark. I did not realize it but I would start thinking about people I love and the things I love and could easily come out of the darkness and back into the light. Thanks for the reminder Juan and I am going to to do this exercise more often…thank you!

  2. Yes! ” all you need is love” Like Karen stated , if we operate out of a feeling of love and kindness, it generates more! Enjoy!

  3. Thanks Juan for the reminder. I have so powerfully experienced the power of love that I don’t need science to prove it.

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