Never stop pursuing your dreams. EVER.



"The only thing that keeps us from accomplishing our goals is the story that we keep telling ourselves why we cannot achieve our goals." - Unknown

Your Dream

The key to happiness is to have a fulfill life and part of that is to be able to pursue and achieve your dream. It has been fund that those who relinquish their dream even though they look like being successful are never fully happy. You may not know it or understand it but if you have a dream it is in your psyche for as reason.  So make yourself a promise to never stop pursuing your dreams.

 Big dream or Small one just do it.

Your dream does not have to be lofty, It could just be taking a pottery class or as extravagant as going around the world on a bicycle wearing green shirt. You will never know what will, be the outcome of perusing your dream unless you do it. Some dream may be hard to accomplish for instance if your dream is to play the violin as a first fiddle in a concert, this will mean years of practice and dedication to that end. There will be time of discouragement and the sentiment of giving up along the way. That discomfort can stop you dead in the track, and that is usually what happens. It has been said that the pain that come along the journey to one’s dream are far more difficult to handle than the journey itself.


The pains that you are bound to experience are usually the shadows that need to you need to face in your life. Nearly everyone who has accomplished their dream will that the most daunting one was fear. Fear will come in many flavor masked by other emotion, such as:

  • Unworthiness
  • Not good enough
  • I am not cut for this…etc.

Then we have the leaned values and moray of the society that you live in.

  • Only rich people ..
  • That is not part of our culture..
  • A man/ woman do not do that…etc.

Those pains come up as the mind trying to keep you safe and within the known experience of your close sphere of influence.

But hang in there if this is your dream, it is all part of the growth process that was intended in your life.  the feeling of joy and knowing that you made it will be at the end of the journey. Happiness will be forever in your heat once you accomplish your dream and you know you can then live this world at any time without any remorse. You will know why you had that dream and the potential of what can happen to you is limitless.

Energy healing

Now you what does energy healing has to do with you dream you may ask? That my dear had a lot to do with it, and I will elaborate.

You see all those feeling and pain that arise during your journey is inevitable as those fear needs to be confronted but you, however you do not need to suffer during that journey.

With energy healing will support you in such a way that those shadows can be tackle head on but with ease and grace. You will be able to face your worse fear with calm and serenity. You will be in the flow. No more anxiety attack the night before a concert or an asthma attack before a run. Energy healing will deal with all those issue at a subconscious level leaving you free and balance to accomplish exactly what you need to do to get yourself close to your dream.

Contact us and we'll see if we are a fit to your needs and aspiration. We work hands on for those that can reach us or those that we can travel to. However if you are not in the neighborhood we can connect remotely too.

Go For Your Dream...

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  1. Very well said Juan. When I was growing up my parents did not talk about money however, children observe more than words said to them. I observed my parents working two jobs and constantly working. I also observed how my parents reacted to those with money especially during conversations of ridicule. I believed that being rich was for people who did not have a heart, I had to work myself to the bone to make money, and being happy was only a pipe dream… I had no idea that these were learned behaviours. It was not until I started woking with practitioners to release my old un-serving stories that I was able to really achieve what I wanted. I also believe too that when intent is made, it will come into fruition and working hard to achieve this intention does not have to happen, it will just happen; something I have done many times throughout my life. And, it was looking back and realizing that there have been many intentions set that I did nothing to achieve other than coming from a powerful place of purity.
    Thanks Juan for this awesome post!

  2. I really liked this post. I agree that nothing should get in your way of your dreams but I did not realize that energy work was so powerful.

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