Energized Water for Healing

Energized Water for Healing

Water is the largest natural resource available on the planet. It is also present in our cells and the cells of all leaving animals and plants.  It is not a coincidence that 80% of the planet is water same as our body.  So using water as a vehicle for healing is not that much off.  In this post I will show how this is possible.

Water has been shown to have memory that is it will keep an energetic imprint of everything it has come in contact with; it’s like a magnetic tape that records everything. This characteristic of water was first published by Jacques Benveniste (March 12, 1935–October 3, 2004) a French immunologist, studying the concept of homeopathy. Benveniste concluded that the configuration of molecules in water was biologically active, thus recording all activities.( it was however a reporter that  coined the term water memory for this hypothesis).  It has also been show that we can affect the molecular structure of water with our thoughts. This notion was brought to the attention of the world by the famous Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. His researches are published in his books, Messages from Water, and Messages from Water Part 2. However his work was made know to the wider audience by the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”. Added to those facts, is that when water is energized, its properties changes.

Energized water is the closest it can get to the water in the cells, which is why it is also call "Alive Water". It can occur naturally like in naturally-occurring wells, in mountain springs and natural rivers. Unlike “dead “water which has disorganized, chaotic and clumpy molecules, Energized water has molecules organized more like crystals. Furthermore it is known to be “wetter “making it more absorbent by the dehydrated cells.

Unfortunately for us most of the water we consume is “dead” water due to the way it has been process before it reached out drinking glass. In order for us to benefit from its natural ability and be prone for healing we have to restructure the water. Different method are used to accomplished that, each as good as the other. Energized water help restore health as it facilitates cells eliminate toxin.

In one of his early experiment, the German physicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, demonstrated that he could replicate the effect of histamine and acetylcholine, and the inhibitor atropine and mepyramine on a guinea pig’s heart using frequency wave. The implication of this discovery was that a frequency wave with same modulation as a chemical could be administered causing the same response to the chemical without the side effect of the chemical,  As of 1991 Benveniste has been experimenting with recorded molecular signature transmitted to  biological organisms. He noticed that they would react according to their sensitivity to the actual molecule. Furthermore an alternating frequency would cause the reaction to stop.

Taking into account these above scientific findings we can actually energize water to alleviate certain symptom in the body. For instance a headache can be relieve by using the same frequency of a pharmaceutical product the get rid of headache.  On the other hand we could accomplish the same thing by sending a frequency that will cancel the headache and restore health at a cellular level.

Since water is a good conductor of  frequencies and knowing that structured water are quickly absorbed at a cellular level, we can have water charged for to alleviate specific aliment.

Using natural or Scalar energy, focus healing intention and specific frequencies we charge water to alleviate hundreds of known aliments.  The good news is that you can actually have customized energized water from the comfort of your home; you may even use your favourite brand of water.  We will energized it remotely for you.

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