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Meditation – Do You do IT?

Is Meditation an integral part of your life? V The practice of meditation is getting more and more popular, I have in previous post given example of some meditation practices. However for today I would like you to contemplate on this practice. How do you do it? What kind of meditation do you do? How…
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Chakras Clearing Meditation

Sun over clouds

Guided meditation

This guided meditation will clear your chakras and balance them. It will create a supportive environment to rebalance your body. Hope this will help you live in better harmony with your body.



A Breathing Meditation

A wise man once said “if we are alive we cannot escape pain, however suffering is optional.” Suffering is a belief, the belief of separation, thinks that we are separate. Separate from one another , separate from the creator and sometime separate from ourselves.  In reality we are all one. we have all heard of…
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Meditation 3 reasons to start

For thousands of years as far as written records can attest to, human has been practicing some sort of meditation. In the east it was a common practice though the gurus took it to its highest mastery, however in western culture it was only known by mystics. In our current era it is widely known…
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