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Different Energy healing Modalities

Energy Healing and Entrainment.

Entrainment and the pendulum clock

Have you ever walk in a clock maker shop and noticed that there is only one “tic, toc” even though there may be numerous clock ticking on the wall? Well that is entrainment. I made that observation when travelling in Germany and visiting several kuku clock stores. How does that happen? Well in 1665 a Dutch Scientist named Christian Huygens observed while when two pendulum clock placed on the wall next to each other they will eventually synchronized or entrain so that they will beat at the same rhythm. Since then that fact can be observed in branches of science such as chemistry, pharmacology, biology, medicine, psychology, sociology and Mother Nature as well as Energy Healing.

Human entrainment

A simple definition of entrainment is the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. Since this is a natural occurrence we human is not immune to it. We have all heard of the fact that young women sharing a dorm room tend to ovulate at the same time. Also have you notice that when walking down the street with others, your steps tend to synchronize with the other person or persons. That is how we walk in crowd and do not step onto each other. We are also subjected to this phenomenon when we listen to music or a stream of running water in the park. Certain music will relax us the same way that the tranquil running water will, on the other hand certain music will put us in a state of over excitement. The reason for that, is we will entrain to the frequency of the sound and depending on the frequency it we will either get calm or hyperactive. This recent discovery was well known to ancient culture thus the use of drum and other sound making devices in religious and imitation rituals. Entrainment also happen on an emotional level. No matter how grumpy we are the sight of a baby laughing will shift our mood even briefly to a less somber one. We will also experience this shift in social gathering as we tend to entrain to the strongest vibration thus the mob effect or the sense of invincibility after a self-help seminar or all pumped up after a pep rally. However the effect is short lasting as we usually get back to our usual mood.

Energy healing is entrainment at a more profound level

Let’s first take a very simplistic look at how healing happens at the metaphysical level. Quite often the practitioner will lay hands on the subject, when this happen, the practitioner is somehow connected to the pure universal force energy which he direct to the client’s different etheric bodies as well as to the physical body. Depending on the client’s receptivity the channeled energy will release the blocks in the body that have been causing the symptoms there by causing spontaneous or gradual healing. So as the body at the cellular level and even deeper entrain to the pure energy, high frequency, it release blocks, low frequency, that vas causing imbalance, as balance is restored so does health at all level

In actuality the whole process is more complex and not even explainable at the human level but this is an accurate description base on my understanding of Energy healing. As we can see from the various example nearly everything and anyone will entrain to a frequency of some sort. As a general rule we always entrain to highest frequency however when expose to multiple strong lower frequency such as in a mob we will entrain to them if exposure is long enough.

Comment about the video above.

What is happening there is since each metronome is set in motion at a different time their movement they impart energy to the environment. So when two adjacent metronomes are in sync, they support each other's motion, however when they are out of sync, they impede each other when they release energy.

To be noted

In this video the metronomes are set on a slightly rocky surface. This setting allows them to more efficiently impart their energy of motion to the surface. However when on regular table, the process would take much longer but will eventually entrain.



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