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Our body is one of nature most magnificent creation, and akin to that it has a superb ability to heal itself. However our innate ability to maintain homeostasis has long been forgotten. Our ancestors were wiser in that respect as Meridians and Chakras had no secrets to them, as a matter of fact Natural and Energy Healing were an integral part of their life. They viewed healing not as a cure of symptoms but rather as a person being whole again. As a tribute to them, I hope I can rekindle your connection with your subtle energy and together we can rediscover our true nature.

Energy Healing such as Reiki are prodigious wellbeing harmonizers

Whether your dis-ease is physical, mental, psychological or spiritual, Energy healing will bring back harmony where there is disorder. Energy healing will work at the subconscious level to release hidden and suppressed emotions that are causing the discomfort. Reiki, one modality used by Energy Connect, has a well-documented history of releasing stress and physical pain.

Located in the Bel Air, Forest Hill area of Maryland

we are dedicated to provide energetic support in the form of Reiki and other modalities of Energy healing to our clients by direct contact or remotely. We have had satisfied clients both locally and in other states.

If you have any sort of chronic ailment, felling stress, have some kind of imbalance or just want to reconnect with yourself, we are here to support you. Contact us to schedule an appointment or consultation

Unsure if Energy Healing such as Reiki will help!
Try our complimentary exploratory session

We offer a short exploratory session with our master healer. During this reduce session you will experience how minor dis-ease melt away with ease and grace. Best of all it's done over the phone.  Book your free exploratory session now and discover a tool that will be yours for the rest of your life.

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Reiki Sessions
Reiki is a Japanese system of energy healing that works well for stress reduction and relaxation. It uses the Ki, natural energy life force to promote healing. This alternative healing modality is used worldwide to provide relief to a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. Reiki is administered by laying hands.

Reiki can be administered during a hands on session or remotely. Reiki session usually start with a conversation between the practitioner and the recipient, followed by the actual session and ends in a post session interview. Session can range from half to one hour or more. The protocol for remote session may differ.

Energized Water
Energized water is the closest our drinking water can get to cellular water. Energized water had the energy signature of harmful substances removed and replaced by life-enhancing frequencies. The charged is water is “wetter” making it more readily absorbed by the usually dehydrated and drained cells.
We will charge water to the frequency opposite to a symptom to help alleviate that symptom. Once the water is absorbed at a cellular level it will start revitalizing the cells and healing can occur. Depending on the condition it can take a few minutes to several days to find relief. The advantage of energized water is that there is no side effect.
Reiki Classes
Reiki classes are provided to satisfy both the curious as well as the seekers. Classes are geared towards the individuals who would like to incorporate Reiki into their lives as well as those who is aspiring at becoming a practitioner.

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